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"In my many years as Youth Minister here at OLM, I've had a chance to observe many parent / child relationships.
The minor and major struggles I've seen are all rooted in one thing - how to relate to and communicate with your child.
As a parent of a seven-year-old and five-year-old with special needs, I was no different!
My struggles caused me not to enjoy being a parent as much as I wished. Though my children were polite and well behaved, I wanted more from our relationship.
This is where STEP came in. The empathetic approach you will learn helps you and your children to appreciate each other.
It has helped me help them think for themselves, and I am a happier, calmer mom!
The support I received from Liz and the other moms and dads in the class was affirming and encouraging!
Eight weeks may seem like a big commitment, but once you get started, you'll wish it were longer! "

- Jenn Kavanagh, Youth Minister and OLM mom

"This course has been incredibly eye-opening experience and so helpful for building better relationships with my children and other family members. Thank you!"

"Liz, I am so thrilled to have met you and taken your course. You were very clear and presented all the information in a way that really makes it 'do-able'. Thanks!"

"STEP should be mandatory for every parent!"

"Liz is so knowledgeable and presented the material in a clear and fun way. The examples, stories, and interaction showed practical application of the STEP techniques...informative and fun. Thanks so much!"

"I was surprised to learn a lot about myself and my husband with respect to the way we were raised...helpful with many of our adult issues..."

"Your delivery was the perfect blend of honesty and warmth. It felt like a conversation with an old friend."

"The STEP program...enlightened me to techniques that can be used in the classroom and beyond...
...the program teaches basic approaches to handling challenging situations with children as well as adults.
As an educator, I learned how to apply my listening skills and form a more constructive approach to handling challenges in the classroom and daily encounters.
You can remain in control of a situation without dominating or developing a personal power struggle...[STEP] allowed me to better understand my students and supplied me with a renewed approach to disciplining my students based on their choices.
Liz Neville has a 'down-to-earth' approach and practices what she preaches. I hope more people take the time to see what the program can offer them."

- Laura Butterworth, OLMA Middle School teacher

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