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Private Coaching

Can't make a Group Workshop, or prefer to learn one-on-one?


The Private Coaching option allows you and your spouse to learn at your own pace, in-person or via phone or facetime.

You receive the same written materials as the Group Workshop participants. The course covers 12 hours of instruction over seven meetings, as well as continued support for three months once you finish. Cost is $795, payable in installments.

Due to the difficulties related to the virus-related lockdown, Private Coaching is available at the Group Workshop rate ($395) until September 1, 2020. Look for Fall Group Workshop offerings coming soon.

Topics Covered:


Topics Covered:

  • The Philosophy behind STEP:   Why do Children  Misbehave? (It’s not what you may think)

  • Learn to Act and not React; the former has a purpose and the latter means we are being manipulated

  • Displays of Emotion are social: how this affects communication with our kids

  • Encouragement vs. Rewards: why the former is wholly preferable to the latter

  • Improving communication: Practicing “reflective” listening and the power of empathy

  • Whose problem is it?—“I”-messages and exploring alternatives when problems arise

  • Consequences vs. Punishment: how the former trains children to be responsible and capable,  and the latter may create power struggles and provoke rebellion

  • Selecting the best approach in a given situation; applying your STEP techniques

  • The value of family meetings

  • Using STEP in ALL relationships

The goal: Respectful, effective discipline, and cooperative, independent, happy children. 


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