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What is STEP?

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting

STEP is Positive Discipline. It doesn't deal with stickers and prizes, but instead teaches civility, respect, and lasting methods.


The result? Self-motivated, self-disciplined kids-- and calmer, happier parents.


One STEP Ahead delivers the knowledge we need-- both philosophy and practical techniques-- to build healthy, long-term relationships with the most precious ones in our lives-- our children.

Program Overview and Options 

Learn STEP Positive Discipline one of two ways- in the Group Workshop setting, or in private one-on-one coaching.


The STEP Group Workshop is the classic format in which parents, educators, and caregivers learn the STEP approach. It is an 8-week series of 2-hour sessions, held mornings or evenings.

It consists of lecture and conversational give-and-take, including examples and role-playing. Reading material,  handouts, and a soft cover Parent's Handbook support the study of STEP ideas and techniques. The Group Workshop participant benefits from fun and fellowship of other parents and sharing of parenting wisdom.

STEP Private Coaching gives you the same material, but is presented as one-on-one coaching, with seven 2-hour meetings scheduled at your convenience. The benefit to private coaching is that the  focus is specifically on your family's challenges, allowing for privacy and even deeper insight.

Chad Gulrajaney, Dwight-Englewood dad

"What a wonderful class. I actually didn’t want the class to end, as I found the idea sharing & brainstorming among the other parents to be so enriching and rewarding.
STEP is truly systematic, it’s not easy but it can be so rewarding that it really allows you to communicate with your child."

Peter Davies, Principal Dwight-Englewood Lower School

"Over the years...I have heard from parents who have taken STEP how it has dramatically and positively changed the way they parent...the STEP program and I are on the same page. 

Dr. Laura Rosen, Ridgewood, NJ

"As a clinical psychologist and a family therapist, I have studied many parenting strategies...this course is the most useful in terms of hands-on techniques and helping to calm parents and children... I recommend it often and use it with my own children." 

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